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SEDP Mission Statement:

At SEDP we believe that providing an engaging, active, and secure environment is essential to the growth and development of our students. Enriching activities, group games, and independent play helps kids grow to be healthy, happy, and successful. In order to cultivate and foster independence in our students we incorporate structured activities, choices, and experiences full of creativity, exploration, physical activity, cooperation, friendship and adventure. SEDP students benefit greatly by the variety offered helping them improve physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively.  Our programs are closely supervised for safety, while allowing ample opportunity for our students to embrace their individuality, in an environment that is inclusive.  Activities and materials are carefully selected to appeal to the specific abilities and interests of the children at each site.  


  • Provide a safe environment where families feel confident enrolling their children.

  • Provide a warm, nurturing environment where children feel welcome, valued and a sense of belonging.

  • Support the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of each child.

  • Respect the individuality of each child and family.

  • Encourage strong partnerships between children, staff and families.

  • Foster independence, inclusivity, friendships, and creativity.

  • Promote positive social values such as honesty, respect, consideration, cooperation, trust, courtesy, initiative, responsibility and problem solving.

Statement of Non-Discrimination:

Southborough Extended Day Program, Inc. does not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, language spoken, marital status, sexual orientation, special needs or disability.  Toilet training status is not an eligibility requirement for enrollment.

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